Launch of a web site specializing in gentlemen’s shaving products.

State of the Art Poultices
State of the Art Poultices

Press Release
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The iconic flagship product is a shaving mug celebrating my late Uncle Cecil’s poultice factory and commemorating 2016 which is the year my mother will reach her one hundred and third birthday. a web service specializing in gentlemen’s shaving products has been launched. It intends to promote unbranded products which are much the same products as branded products sold at considerably higher prices on the web. It sets out the superiority of the double edged safety razor in terms of cheapness and quality of shave over cartridge razors.
Some of the items in the safety razor range utilize historic wood. We have 15th century oak, 13th century oak and wood from historic buildings. Quite apart from the toughness of the wood resulting from it’s maturity over the centuries the wood is possessed of beautiful patinas.

Other products include razor stands for safety razors, sharpening stones and strops and shaving brushes.

My mother is one hundred and three this year and when you live as long as that it’s a long time to sit about doing nothing. is intended to keep us busy. My mother lived through the Manchester blitz and saw her house blown up by a German parachute mine on the Christmas Eve of the blitz. was started to utilize some of the skills I have acquired over the years in running a number of businesses. I started my working live as a compositor in Manchester spending years composing type and have tried to utilise some of those skills on the web sites. The long gone art of using metal type gave me an appreciation of design which I try to use in promoting our products.
Our family being long lived is full of stories of Manchester life and that includes the poultice factory and hence the mug.

Rather than a product which promotes the idea that all manner of benefits flow from the use of various mass produced gentlemen’s grooming aids the shaving mug bluntly sets you back in a different era. It reminds you that you may be buying intensively marketed products promoting illusory lifestyles and those products are overpriced and over hyped. It’s also equally good as a tea mug.

Our other gentlemen’s products include a range of pocket knives handmade in Sheffield. The knives as well as being made to traditional designs also include grips made with a variety of historic wood. These folding knives are made by the few remaining skilled knife makers in Sheffield. Where there were thousands of individuals involved in Sheffield knife making, now very few people with the necessary skills are left. Some skills like making open razors have disappeared completely.

The web site with our Sheffield made products on is and our range of razors and other shaving products is on