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Award Winning Best New Sugar Reduction No Sugar Product 2017 fighting Obesity Diabetes & Children

A dollop a day of a regular ketchup = 365 sugar cubes per year.A dollop a day of Real Good Tomato Ketchup = 0 sugar cubes per year !

Newcomer, Real Good Ketchup won the Best New Sugar Reduced or No Sugar Product 2017 category at the Sugar Reduction Summit held at the Royal Society in London yesterday 9th November.

“We are thrilled to win this award for the best new sugar reduced product category. We are passionate about the importance of reducing sugar particularly in children's diets as they are the ones that will face related health challenges later in life. “ says founder and Mum, Elizabeth Jones “We have to do something about this now.”

We are all getting more aware of the detrimental health effects of Sugar, in fact, according to a survey by NetMums and SugarWise, 80% of parents regularly search for low/no sugar products for their family.

We are advised to keep sugar lower than 6tsp per adult and under 3tsp for a child per day. This is quite a challenge given our western diet. For example, A low-fat yoghurt can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar. It is not just sweet food we have to be aware of; parents are shocked by the sugar in our savoury food. For example, a supermarket Pizza contains 12g of sugar (3 teaspoons), Tomato ketchup can contain just over a teaspoon of sugar (4.3g) per 15g (1 tbsp) serving. It does not take much to reach the recommended daily limit on sugar intake.

Real Good Ketchup was created by Elizabeth Jones and a team of experts. Having a son who reacted badly to sugar as a small child, along with other complicated food allergies, she understands first-hand as a parent how important sugar reduction is for children, particularly in foods we least expect it.

“Real Good Ketchup is for everyone who is concerned about the amount of sugar hidden in everyday foods. Our ingredients are also allergen free and plant-based. We have also reduced salt by 78% compared to other ketchups and are proud to be awarded two free from food awards this year, both voted by children, which makes it all more worthwhile” says Elizabeth “I was shocked when I first discovered that a dollop a day of a regular ketchup is the equivalent of 365 sugar cubes across a year. If we knew, who would want to give your child this amount of hidden sugar? Real Good Ketchup has zero sugar cubes.”

What really makes the ketchup stand out from the crowd however is the fact it only contains 5.7g of naturally occurring sugar per 100g of ketchup, which compares to 22.8g in Heinz ketchup (equating to about a teaspoon of sugar for every squeeze of the bottle) and is 50% less sugar and 60% less salt than Heinz Reduced Sugar & Salt Ketchup.

A dollop a day of a regular ketchup = 365 sugar cubes per year.A dollop a day of Real Good Tomato Ketchup = 0 sugar cubes per year !

Natural Goodness
Along with delicious Mediterranean tomatoes, RGTK’s premium recipe innovation creates. a delicious rich tomato taste with using natural sugar alternatives, including xylitol from sustainable birch and beech wood in Scandinavia and stevia leaf. Real Good Ketchup is also rich in vitamin C and Lycopene.

Always read the labels!
Parents have to be quite sugar savvy in order to decipher the range of often misleading food labels. Some products claim to be low in sugar or free from refined sugar but is packed in fruit syrups, unrefined sugars and fructose. Nutritionist and Sugar Free Author, Sarah Flower advises ‘Always read the labels including the ingredients and the sugar content. You also need to check the serving size in relation to the nutritional values. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t differentiate between refined and unrefined sugars – they will still cause your blood sugars to raise’.

Squeezy Bottle Kids Love
Parents love Real Good Ketchup packaging. Produced in a nut free facility in a BPA free easy squeezy bottle and great taste, makes it an easy switch for the fussiest of children. RGTK is the perfect ‘on the go’ tomato ketchup at home, at parties, restaurants and at work. Tried and tested on young and old, RGTK is proving to be the new Ketchup of choice for the health-conscious ketchup eaters.

Note to editors:
Reducing free sugars intake to less than 10% of total daily energy intake was recommended by the WHO in 1989. The WHO updated guidelines calls for further reduction of free sugars intake to less than 5% of total energy intake if possible.

Research by Netmums and Sugarwise reveals 80% of parents regularly search for low/no sugar products for their family, yet 30% of parents can’t fin these products in-store

75% of parents would be willing to spend more on low sugar/good taste foods if they were available

Real Good Tomato Ketchup is made with 100% plant based allergen-free ingredients, with no added sugar, and is free from GMO, artificial flavourings and preservatives.

With 78% less salt than other regular ketchups and only naturally occurring sugars.

RGTK is Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Yeast Free

Available from the Co-op, Morrison’s Health & Wellness aisle, Ocado and Wholefoods Market
RSP from GBP1.99

Founded by Mum & healthy food entrepreneur Elizabeth Jones also winner of the Co-operative Group Best Health & Wellness initiative. Real Good Ketchup launched last December in 2016.

Customer feedback:
“It is even getting my 6 year olds to eat their vegetables and for once I am not worried about the sugar!” R. Paterson Hampshire

“Good taste - kids preferred this to Heinz regular ketchup in a blind taste test”. Simon verified purchase Amazon 5 stars

“As a family who love Ketchup and have always used Heinz we have been really surprised by Real Good Ketchup and have all switched to it.  Its flavour is very natural and less sweet. What has really shocked us is the comparison of salt and sugar where by switching we have made a significant reduction in both.” CF Bedford

Please contact for more information, images and samples

Founder, Elizabeth is available for comments and interviews on 07753 278872


Awards + Accreditations:
Winner Best New Sugar Reduced or No Sugar Product
Winner Gold & Bronze Free From Food Awards 2017
Certified by Sugarwise Free From Added Sugar