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Outsourcing vs Shared Services - how to make the right decision

The rules governing Outsourcing are changing. Outsourcing is no longer simply a matter of cost reduction and efficiency gains; outsourcing is now driving value, effectiveness and innovation.

The main drivers for outsourcing are: Business Value, Financial, Performance and People.

But Outsourcing is not without risk. So enter Shared Services where an organisation retains control of the back office functions it may have outsourced but spins them off into one centralised centre.

As the cuts bite deeper the issues around cost saving, retaining quality and improving productivity, streamlining processes are going to become more acute. Outsourcing and Shared services are attractive options but need a clear strategy and management programme.

We work with an international management consultancy, Kurt Salmon , which has a strong presence in the UK. It has an Outsourcing and Shared Services expert and we would be happy to have him put together an article which looks at the pros and cons of Outsourcing and Shared Services and how both can be effectively managed.

If this is of interest, or if you would like to talk to Kurt Salmon about some of the other related issues please contact Damion Clark - - or Steve Greenhalgh - - at the Kurt Salmon Press Office – 07789 911314 / 07779 129193.