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Jeremy Woodley & Ian Williams

Retirement planning, tax and investment adviser The Fry GroupThe Fry Group, has announced the acquisition of Ridgeford Consultants in Horsham which brings a portfolio of 30 clients worth circa £12m.

Ridgeford Consultants is owned by Ian Williams, a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years’ combined experience, who has reached the point of wanting to retire. Keen to pass the client portfolio onto a reputable company which would deliver an excellent and consistent service, Ian Williams selected The Fry Group as a natural successor.

Ian Williams comments: “We’ve obviously been aware of The Fry Group for a number of years and were delighted when they showed an interest in purchasing our client portfolio. Being a small business ourselves, our relationship with our clients has been paramount and we are determined that they continue to enjoy this personal level of service. The Fry...

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