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Nationwide survey of nearly 5,000 students in higher education reveals potential size of parliamentary shake-up, but still only 1 in 4 are certain to vote.

London: 31st March 2015 – Youth research agency Red Brick Research today published the findings of its nationwide survey of 4,700 students across the UK, ahead of Thursday’s leaders’ debate.

Headline findings:
- Labour hold the largest share of student support at 37% with the Greens close behind at 26% and Conservatives trailing in third with 24% of the vote.
- Liberal Democrat support at just 5% - level with UKIP
- 31% of students ‘certain to vote’
- Conservative support stronger amongst male students (27%) than female (22%)
- Green support stronger amongst female students (28%) than male (23%)

N.B. Base for all ‘share of vote’ calculations is 2,379 which excludes non-voters, ‘don’t know’ and ‘prefer not to say’.



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