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Don’t Bite Me Patch has announced that it will make protecting skin from ravenous mosquitoes and other biting insects easier than ever this summer with the launch of the newly formulated Don’t Bite Me Patch. Using a natural blend of Vitamin B1 and Aloe Vera, the clear topical patch is applied to the skin and actively deters the unwanted attention of those pesky bugs that just won’t stop biting. No more chemical sprays or sticky lotions, just a simple, easy and discreet adhesive patch that provides up to 36 hours of guaranteed protection.

The Don’t Bite Me Patch sets itself apart from other traditional insect repellents on the market by acting as a deterrent, not a repellent. This means insects are stopped in their tracks and ensures no contact is ever made with the skin. According to market research, contemporary consumers are putting more emphasis on prevention methods, making the patch ideal for those who want to target the direct source of the problem.

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