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Under Embargo: Results with Lucy launches With Self Love Year

Results with Lucy launches #StrongerTogether Campaign

Results with Lucy launches a With Self Love year with new campaign You Got This #StrongerTogether

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL MONDAY, JANUARY 1st: Following the success of With Self Love, Results with Lucy (RwL), the first major women’s fitness platform in the UK, and now one of the most comprehensive wellbeing websites in the world, is continuing its celebration of self-empowerment by encouraging women to inspire and motivate each other. By combining forces with a hand full of its amazing ambassadors, RwL wants to highlight just what it is able to do for you, your confidence, self-esteem, health and fitness.

Founded in 2013 by Lucy Mecklenburgh and Cecilia Harris, Results with Lucy has always focused on more than just getting fit and healthy. It hosts a supportive community helping women of all ages to become more body confident. However, time and time again it comes up against the same internal worries of not being good enough which is why Results with Lucy has decided to take action.

With the launch of the new website, Results with Lucy is making sure to focus its offering on more than great fitness, wellness advise and delicious healthy recipes but also on its fabulous community, lead by its RwL Ambassadors and Brand Ambassadors.

Over 231 inches and 26 stone has been lost between the nine national ambassadors RwL chose to work with to kick start the campaign. Results with Lucy wants to share the stories of its inspirational ambassadors to show how women from all backgrounds, struggling with their own personal hurdles can come together to motivate and encourage each other to reach their goals, whether that be physical or mental.

Lucy Mecklenburgh, Results with Lucy co-founder said, “I started my online fitness and health company with the aim to make health and fitness accessible to everyone at any time. To date we have helped hundreds of thousands of women become stronger, fitter and healthier but it became apparent that although many women are reaching their fitness goals they are still battling with their self-esteem. We get hundreds of emails and calls a week from women reaching out to us for help which is what inspired us to focus on more than just the physical side of bettering yourself, we want to work from the inside out.”

A lack of confidence is responsible for so many of us never reaching our full potential. Instead of challenging ourselves and moving towards what we want in life, often we allow fears to drive our decisions. All of these fears, worries and doubts lead us to live a life of untapped potential. This is why Results with Lucy is extending the With Self Love campaign with the aim of uniting women, encouraging them to boost each other and helping them grow into the women they know they are.

The new Results with Lucy website will be live from January 2018:

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About Results with Lucy

Results with Lucy is the world’s most comprehensive online fitness and nutrition platform for women. Founded in 2013 by Lucy Mecklenburgh and Cecilia Harris, Results with Lucy focuses on more than just getting fit and healthy. We encourage a supportive community spirit with women inspiring women, discussing their experiences and growing together.

Accessible wherever you are, Results with Lucy is designed for those that want to fit a quick but effective workout into their day without paying for an expensive gym membership. No matter what your fitness level, Results with Lucy has something for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, with a range of different plans and diets to suit your lifestyle and needs.

The Results with Lucy community continues to grow every day and has helped hundreds of thousands of women to a healthier lifestyle.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is the Your Fitness Awards 2017 winner for Best Fitness Celebrity.

For more information about the campaign, ambassadors and assets, please contact:

Anika Greblo
Communications Manager