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With it confirmed in April that the UK has gone back into recession after revenue shrank for the second quarter in a row the interest rates savers receive on their cash is looking to continue to be at disappointing post-2008 returns from some time to come. Today we cover 5 alternative methods for how high net worth individuals can take advantage of today’s economy and beat the disappointing 1-3% returns offered by banks.

(1) Stock Market - although a “typical” stock market return was believed to be an average of 8-10% per year, some reports show that over the last 10yrs the average return has been just 4.0% per year. However experts agree, the best times to buy is always after a bust, the astute investor who bought after the 1929 crash made incredible returns over the following years. But is this the lowest the stock market will go? No-one really knows although it’s clear that many of tomorrow’s millionaires will come from shrewd stock market investments made in these...

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