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4 February 2008 - PICstick™ (Parents In Control Stick) helps caring parents to protect their children from the dangers of chatroom grooming, malicious websites, violent computer games and other PC applications.

This new piece of computer hardware will be launched on Internet Safety Day (12 February 2008) to help parents fight back against the dangers of these activities on their home PCs. PICstick™ is much more than a simple internet filter because it puts parents in control of the whole computer. All PC applications can be monitored and controlled, including hardware and software, computer games, internet access and emails - incoming and outgoing.

PICstick™ works as an external control key, letting your children use the computer only when it is plugged in. It fits into the USB port of the PC and allows your children use of the computer applications and Internet sites according to the protection levels that you, the parent have chosen.

The PICStick™ is easy to use, so even a parent who is an inexperienced computer user can safeguard their children. PICStick™ allows you to block malicious, pornographic and predatory material coming in, as well as prevent sensitive information going out, like credit card details and telephone numbers, names and addresses.

PICStick™ also monitors and reports on your children’s PC usage. With chat room grooming, self-inflicted diseases and disorders and even terrorism so prevalent among today’s society, it is helpful to know if your children are looking at websites that may encourage them to harm themselves or others.

PICstick™ logs every detail of chatroom conversations, sites visited and applications used, even giving parents screen shots and details of the child’s activity which they can use to discuss the situation and use as proof if necessary that they know what the child has been doing.

CEOP, Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre receives 400 calls a month from children who believe they have been approached by a paedophile on the internet and of the 8 million children who have online access in the UK one in 12 admits to having physically met someone who they encountered online - That’s 664,000 children in the UK alone.

Angela Madden, managing director of manufacturer Girotech Ltd commented, “We have conducted extensive testing among parents with considerable success. Parents have been shocked to discover that their children were regularly communicating with adults in chatrooms. Some are now considering going to the police.”

Launching on Internet Safety Day 12th February, PICstick™ could not have come at a better time! It will be available to purchase at for the one off cost of £49.95.

Editor’s Information:
Angela Madden is available for interviews either before or on Internet Safety Day on 12 February 2008.

Journalists who would like to receive a PICstick, should contact River Communications on the below email address.

PICstick™ has been developed by the team that produced Impero Classroom Management Software which has been successfully used in schools for the past five years. It has been rigorously tested and adapted for use by parents on a home computer.

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Deirdre Cumberbatch at River Communications
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