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Credit Crunch - Reduce The Fear

A typical business cycle v the FTSE 100

With Banks collapsing around us there is a desperate need for the government to urgently protect the country from a public run on the banks.

The position we are in is actually a typical economic business cycle. At the top of a cycle there is greed and at the bottom fear and blame. In a decline the people caught at the top lose but the people who see the bottom as opportunity, win. It is as simple as that and a cycle that will happen again and again.

John Whiteman is a Troubleshooter who has spent years rescuing companies and people from collapse. He has direct experience of many business cycles. Each has had their own twist and severity. John says:

Government funding has to come in to prop the markets. Without it, the markets will keep falling. Graphically a typical business cycle looks like this. This cycle represents supply and demand and can be applied to every time frame. The longer the time frame the more positive or negative a business cycle will be. There are patterns in everything. Alongside this chart is one showing the FTSE on 7th October 2008. See the similarity?

If you look at both charts and accept the fact that the chart on the left is one we have used for years to show clients a business cycle graphically it becomes clearer to know where we are in the stock market cycle. If you know where you are it is easier to see where you are going.

So what do I advise? Well similar to the steps we are taking with all of our clients. Create clarity on where you are by creating a rolling cashflow. From this step plan and prepare a budget including very realistic sales expectations. Look to outsource certain functions of your business whether finance, HR, technology and most importantly get a business mentor to help guide you and offer advice so that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

Personally the emotional affect is already hitting hard. We are noticing more people coming to us with stress and anxiety and they need help with depression, anger and lack of self worth. John has seen these problems before through years of helping people in crisis has developed a system of simple steps called ‘The Way’ to get people focused on seeing their life in perspective and making them more balanced relaxed and happier in the process and I know that even with a dreadful summer there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

John Whiteman
River Management
T. 020 7183 2244