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Bohemia chemo headwear

If you’ve ever experienced cancer firsthand, or you are close to someone who is in the process of battling the illness, then you will know just how upsetting and overwhelming life can be for a sufferer. Although treatment options exist and the success rates associated with dealing with and eliminating this life threatening condition are steadily improving all the time, there are a number of common side effects associated with these treatments which can have a huge effect on the life of patient and one of these is the problem of hair loss.

Of course, when faced with the very real prospect of losing your life, something like hair loss may seem somewhat superficial or insignificant to an outsider but the fact of the matter is that many women who are experiencing the loss of their hair are quite simply devastated by the drastic change in appearance goes hand in hand with the process. However, one company aims to reverse the damage to self esteem and confidence that...

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