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You might love Kate glossy, flowing tresses, yet unless you already have long hair, here's betting you think her look is impossible to achieve? You can dye it. You can straighten it. But you can't just grow it, can you?

Think again. Even for women with short hair, getting Kate's lustrous style is more possible than you might imagine thanks to the help of Salon Confidential Clip & Go Hair Extensions, which give every girl the chance of emulating the future Princess.

Incredibly easy-to-use, Salon Confidential's Clip & Go Hair Extensions have a unique 'clip & go' system that provide bounce, length and volume to your existing hair in just ten minutes. And because they are designed to fit to the head naturally, there are no giveaway lumps and bumps.

Suiting everyone, regardless of hair type, Salon Confidential Clip & Go Hair Extensions come in twelve different colours, ranging from Black through to Lightest Ash Blonde. 'Copy Kates' need to...

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