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Summer read: My Granny Writes Erotica

Bestselling author Rosen Trevithick is pleased to announce that her novel MY GRANNY WRITES EROTICA – THREESOME will be published on 3rd July, 2014. The humorous tale poking fun at the current erotica craze will be available in paperback and as an eBook.


65-year-old Betty had given up on her life’s ambition to write a bestselling novel. However, after walking in on her husband with a lady of the night, she finds herself single and with mounting debts. In need of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, straight-laced Betty decides to try her hand at writing an erotic novel.

With little experience in matters of the libido, Betty finds herself ill-equipped to pursue her goal. So she sets out to acquire carnal knowledge without arousing the suspicions of her prudish friends and uptight family.

When her embittered mother-in-law finds a butt plug in the slow...

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