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RUGMARK is imaginative way to end slavery says former Tory leader

William Hague speaking on Radio 4's Today programme (25 January 2005), following his inaugural Abraham Lincoln Lecture, specifically praised market based schemes such as RUGMARK as an imaginative way to tackle on-going slavery. RUGMARK UK welcomed the recognition of its work here in the UK and India and Hague's contribution to raising awareness of how businesses and consumers can easily make a difference.

Hague told Radio 4 listeners: "We have slavery on a scale today which we've never seen in the world before and there are certain things we can do..." He then went on to give examples of imaginative ways to do that such as: " Market based schemes like the RUGMARK scheme for India where people can buy a product from India on the assurance that child slave labour has not been used in making it".

RUGMARK is a non-profit initiative working to end illegal and exploited...

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