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Moulting can be a frustrating time for any pet owner, no more so than for people who suffer with fur related allergies.

People who do happen to suffer with allergies to cats, dogs or other animals may be misguidedly advised to find new homes for their companions. Doctors nowadays are increasingly recognising the importance of the human-animal bond with many believing that pets help us to live longer and healthier lives.

This is especially true of the elderly and those of us who live alone as pets can often make wonderful and faithful companions.

With approximately 10 - 15% of us suffering from pet related intolerances such as eczema and asthma and almost one third of those with an allergy choosing to live in a household with their pet despite their reactions, you’d be forgiven for wanting to keep moulting to a minimum and what better way than with the ‘3 Mikki Must Haves’, a grooming range designed specifically to keep unwanted...

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