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Judy Perry to Present Sixth Runtime Revolution Free Programming Conference

The Conference Explores How to Build Multi-Platform Software Quickly and Easily Using Groups and Backgrounds

Edinburgh, Scotland, 6th July 2005
Runtime Revolution ( announces that Judy Perry will present the sixth online programming conference on 9th July and 15:30 GMT. In common with previous conferences it will be moderated by Jacqueline Landman Gay of Hyperactive Software ( The conference will cover the use of groups and backgrounds, two core components of Revolution which make creating software quick and simple.

The conference is designed to let beginners and advanced users learn more about Revolution and having attended the conference participants will be able to:

- Understand the differences between groups and backgrounds
- Understand how to create and use groups and backgrounds
- Understand the placement of groups and backgrounds within the Revolution message path
- Work through examples of using groups to build toolbars and tabs

The conference starts with a moderated session which will focus on the learning objectives, it will be followed by an open session where attendees can ask questions.

The conference is free and open to all, including those who are using the free trial edition of Revolution. Details of this conference, the fifteen others in the series and the free sample stack can be found at:

Participants are advised to download the latest version of Runtime Revolution from:

About Judy Perry
Judy Perry teaches Introduction to Multimedia at California State University, Fullerton, with an emphasis on usability, user interface design, and designing for normal humans.

About Jacqueline Landman Gay
Jacqueline Landman Gay is president of HyperActive Software (, and has been providing custom programming solutions for clients world-wide since 1987. She is a recognised expert in Revolution and other xtalk programming languages and her work has been published in several disk/book bundles. She also has extensive experience in online conferences having moderated the scripting conferences on AOL for many years.

About Runtime Revolution
Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix. Products include Revolution Dreamcard, Studio and Enterprise, and Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information on Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on the web at

For more information, or to arrange a product review please contact:

Dr Rod McCall
Runtime Revolution Ltd
15-19 York Place
telephone: +44 (0) 870 747 1165
fax: +44 (0) 845 458 8487