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- A 2014 report(1) commissioned by consultancy firm McKinsey and Company found that Obesity costs the UK economy nearly £47 billion a year; £6 billion of which is spent on the medical costs.
- Despite government recommendations of a maximum consumption of 11% of saturated fats for total energy consumption, the average saturated fat intake for adults aged 19 to 64 years is 12.6% .
- A recent study(2) published in the BMJ, supports the steady stream of challenges to the widely held belief that saturated fat intake is bad for your cardiovascular health.

With so much conflicting information being shared it is hard to know what we should be consuming and what we should be avoiding.

SCI is hosting a two day conference between Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November 2015, Lipids and Health: Risk, Reward and Revelation. The conference will explore the scientific basis behind the many beliefs, myths and paradigms that have come about in the last half...

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