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London, England – 10th June 2008: Energexia Limited, a UK company, today announces the acquisition of the assets and Intellectual Property Rights of UVK Gmbh for an undisclosed sum. UVK has been at the forefront of producing synthetic diesel fuel from biomass and a variety of waste materials. Energexia was advised by SFCapital Limited.

Energexia Limited will exploit the synthetic diesel technology developed by UVK on an international basis. Using so called “2nd generation” technology based specifically on depolymerisation or direct liquefaction, Energexia is now able to cost effectively produce high quality, pump-ready synthetic diesel from biomass and waste material such as paper, rubber, plastic and waste oil. Depolymerisation using catalysts is a thirty year old process and has been proven to produce diesel fuel by a number of scientific, research and commercial organisations. UVK has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of the process through a series of...

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