Skip nav, the news website for IT and engineering freelancers, is offering readers a 24-hour a day personal secretary, receptionist and office assistant for the price of a phone call.

alldayPA, the brainchild of Reuben Singh, Guinness Book of Records' holder of 'Youngest Self-Made Millionaire', has teamed up with to meet the needs of modern, mobile freelance workers who want to concentrate on their core work.

The service offers users a unique phone number, providing a 24-hour a day, seven day a week human 'front office' for their businesses.

When a customer or client calls, a secretary answers with the company's details and either takes messages or transfers the call, depending on a freelancer's instructions.

The benefits of the service are significant in that alldayPA not only creates the right professional impression for a freelancer's company, but could also be used as an indicator of running a genuine...

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