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Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Accreditation for SBMembership

Our Board felt much more comfortable selecting a solution that was backed by Microsoft and that reduced the overall risk association of the project

Silverbear, a Microsoft Gold Partner in the UK, is delighted to announce that SBMembership, the premier Microsoft Dynamics solution for membership associations wanting to manage their members, has achieved Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD) accreditation.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-developed software. SBMembership is the only not-for-profit software solution in the UK to hold this accreditation, and as such now has the permission to carry the distinct Certified for Microsoft Dynamics logo.

Not-for-profit and membership industries have witnessed a large growth in the number of suppliers offering membership solutions built on the Dynamics CRM platform. Vendors typically take the CRM solution and configure it to meet the complex and diverse requirements of a membership organisation. However, the SBMembership solution, now the only certified membership solution by Microsoft, vastly accelerates this process and hugely reduces the risk of implementation.

The company has been working towards the CFMD accreditation for some time. As Silverbear client Ian Molloy, Director of Finance & Administration at The EIC stated: “We are delighted Silverbear have achieved CFMD. Knowing Silverbear were working towards CFMD was one of the key reasons we selected them and their solution over just configuring Dynamics CRM. Our view is that the total cost of ownership of a CFMD solution over a bespoke configured solution is substantial. Our Board felt much more comfortable selecting a solution that was backed by Microsoft and that reduced the overall risk association of the project. Well done Silverbear.”

Doug Kennedy, Vice President Microsoft Dynamics Partners further emphasised the importance of this achievement: “This milestone demonstrates Silverbear’s commitment to delivering leading solutions and expertise for our customers.” He continued “We congratulate Silverbear for meeting Microsoft’s highest standards of software quality and earning the CFMD distinction.”

Silverbear combines their membership solution, SBMembership, together with the best of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – its flexibility, ease and familiarity of use and its integration with the Microsoft stack – to give customers the best of both technologies. This results in the only certified solution that specifically meets the intricate needs of the membership sector.

Mark Travis, Silverbear MD explained the benefits CFMD has for customers: “For our membership sector customers, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics helps identify Microsoft Dynamics solutions that have been tested for compatibility, meet high quality standards, and are successfully used by existing SBMembership customers. This gives our customers confidence in using our membership solution; giving them assurance that the software can be updated with future versions of Dynamics CRM and the product upgrade process.”

For more information, or a custom demo of the SBMembership member management software, please contact SBMembership on call 01483 409409 or visit

About SBMembership

Silverbear has taken all of its amassed CRM, integration, event management, qualification management and community development experience and has developed a market leading membership management solution, backed by Microsoft’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamic’s accreditation.

Combining powerful internal back-office membership and financial management solutions with engaging, personalised interactive online member self service capabilities, SBMembership is a complete membership platform for member centric organisations wanting to get closer to their members.

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