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£450 for no hassle holiday home website

A professionally designed website can be produced for holiday home owners for only £450 by graphic design agency, Dialhouse Holiday Home Marketing ( All home owners need to do is to provide some photographs of their property and basic text to Dialhouse designers. Dialhouse will then work their magic to build a website that makes the property stand out.

Graham Harrington, Dialhouse managing director says: “The internet is now by far the most important channel for booking and researching holidays and holiday home owners need to have a strong presence online.”

“What we can do is make a property stand out for less than a week’s rent. And it’s simple for the property owner, as all they have to do is provide us with text and photos and we do the rest.”

“The website will show the property location, local attractions and prices. We can also include an online calendar; help with a website name and hosting the site. We will also advise on advertising and marketing to make sure the new website generates maximum bookings.”

“If owners want to start small, we offer other marketing tools such as glossy postcards or e-books, which are electronic brochures that can be emailed to anyone interested in booking.”

“Today holiday home owners need to have a web presence to maximise the income from their property and what we are offering is a low cost, no hassle way of getting online.”


For further information please contact:

Graham Harrington, Dialhouse Holiday Home Marketing on 024 7660 3030
Email –
Suzanne Orsler, SOPR, 07813 131350
Email –