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Pera Technology says SMEs must hurry to access €1.2 billion EU R&D funding

Pera Technology has urged SMEs to hurry with proposals to access the €1.2 billion that has now been made available for them under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) research and innovation initiative.

Pera is the UK’s most successful innovation partner at securing EU R&D funding for SMEs and commercial director, Mark Wareing says:
“If you are an SME trying to create fresh products or processes that could create a step change in your fortunes then there is no time to waste as the EU has now made funds available that you could use. There is €1.2 billion there for the taking, if you have a good idea!”

SMEs can now put in proposals to access €970 under the EU’s ‘Cooperation’ theme, working alongside universities, research centres and public authorities throughout the EU. There is also an even more attractive fund of €250 million, which is expressly available to support the development of new products for those many SMEs that cannot afford to undertake R&D themselves, but still want to develop valuable, new products.

“Companies that don’t apply for this latter funding may have to wait until 2015 for any projects funded by the next programme, Horizon 2020 to commence. So it is essential that all efforts are made to get proposals in before the November deadline.”

Pera Technology specialises is partnering with SMEs to build new products and services or solve technology issues using EU funding. Pera Technology is the UK’s most successful intermediary when it comes to understanding how to secure funding for R&D. and every year Pera Technology obtains between £50 and £100 million in grants for commercial R&D to pay for new product development and R&D at SMEs.

Wareing continues: “Working with Pera Technology means you can create a new product or service in your market, using proven technology, without having to fund the project yourselves. On average, each project accepted by the EC secures £1.5m in cash which is a significant amount for most SMEs.”

The EU’s Seventh Framework programme is worth a total of €53 billion, and this last opportunity for SMEs to benefit from such grants has been confirmed to close on 15 November 2012.

These non-repayable EU grants fund a company’s development of new products or services. Companies also don’t have to give up equity to gain the benefits of the intellectual property (IP) generated.


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Every year, Pera Technology helps hundreds of companies across Europe and beyond to harness the potential of science and technology to create new and valuable products and processes to create sustainable, valuable businesses.
Pera has extensive in-house capabilities with over 300 analysts, scientists and engineers providing idea and concept generation, business intelligence, IP research and management, technology and project risk minimisation.

Pera also works with more than 100 contracted research and academic institutions and over 30 pan-European technology providers who form Pera Technology’s network. That’s more than 14,000 scientists, engineers and technologists.

Pera Technology works on around 140 projects a year and these cover innovations in green energy, waste treatment, medical devices and healthcare, paints and coatings, construction, transport and logistics, energy reduction, manufacturing processes, food processing, fire and security, assisted living, transport, novel materials, clothing, electronics and many other areas.

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