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Pera Technology offer ‘no win – no fee’ research & development tax credit service

Contract product development company, Pera Technology is offering companies a ‘no win – no fee’ service to facilitate often under-utilised claims for research and development tax credits. This enables companies to take advantage of the tax credits that are available to help with research and development.

On average Pera is claiming tax credits of about £40,000 for each of its clients, which makes a big impact on the cost of developing new products or improving existing technology.

Pera Technology has a long history working with companies developing new products and knows what help companies can get to fund research and development.

Mark Wareing, commercial director for Pera Technology says:
“We have become well versed in what is claimable and what isn’t and how the application needs to be phrased. We will work with a client company for free. An initial visit and examination of a company’s accounts will let us know if there is something there for claiming. We then offer the client a contract where we take on their claim and fund our work by taking only 20% of what we recover.”

Wareing continues:
“Much of the activity companies undertake to grow their businesses can qualify for significant tax credits, regardless of the industry that they operate in. Whether it is creating new products, developing new processes or improving an existing product or even providing customers with technical advice; companies may be eligible for an R&D tax credit claim.”

“Although our primary goal is to help companies innovate, we are aware that in difficult times any financial help companies can get is important. This is why we are trying to create more awareness of the availability of these credits for SMEs.”

The tax credits were introduced in 2000 to encourage the creation of new products and services while alleviating some of the financial risk. The government offers the credits in a bid to make UK business more competitive on the international stage.

Wareing continues:
“At Pera Technology we have developed an excellent working relationship with HMRC and can simplify the claims process. We help companies examine their suitability for reclaiming tax, or receiving cash, as soon as possible to avoid losing expenditure from previous years.”


Suzanne Orsler, SOPR, +44 (0)7813131350,
Mark Wareing, Pera Technology, +44 (0)1664 501463, mobile +44(0)7920 563616,

Note to editors:

Pera Technology:

Pera Technology is one of the UK’s leading Contract Product Development companies, undertaking commercially focused Research and Development for hundreds of Small, Medium and Large organisations every year.
Pera Technology is home to the UK Materials Research Institute, Intelligent Systems Research Institute and Health and Environment Research Institute as well as the Paint Research Association. There are also sister institutes across Europe.
Unlike Universities, Pera Technology does not just undertake research, they only work on commercially focused and client led projects. They do not take ownership of any IP generated, but pass 100% over to clients.

R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits are primarily a tax relief for R&D that aims to achieve a scientific or technological advance.
Both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies can claim under the scheme. You can find more information on this scheme in our guide on Research and Development (R&D) Relief for Corporation Tax.