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Salesformics Takes its CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation Solution Out of Beta

For the first time, businesses can not only enjoy the benefits of sales and marketing automation, but actually use those tools without training

All-in-one customer relationship management (CRM), sales process and marketing automation solution, that is as easy to use as a search engine and priced to appeal to every business, is now available to all.

7th May 2014 – Portsmouth and London, UK – Today, Salesformics ( is pleased to announce its sales and marketing automation solution is out of beta and available to all. After two years of development and building on the feedback of hundreds of private and public beta testers, Salesformics is now open to all businesses. With a 14-day risk-free trial (no credit card required), it is the first time that the benefits of sales process workflows, marketing automation and customer relationship management are available to small and medium-sized businesses at a price designed to fit every budget.

“Most marketing automation solutions come at a high price”, explains Head of Product, Stewart Rogers. “It is typical for automation product vendors to charge anything from 750 USD to 2000 USD per month and beyond for their technology and that usually doesn't cover the additional expenses involved in implementation, integration and training. We’re taking a different route entirely with Salesformics, both in terms of the low cost and the way our solution works”, Rogers explains.

Incorporating a customer relationship management (CRM) element and a unique automation solution that allows both marketing and sales teams to simplify and automate tasks, Salesformics offers small and medium businesses the chance to gain all the benefits of the current crop of CRM and marketing automation solutions without the long implementation times, high expense and training overhead. Salesformics employs a unique control mechanism – the GX Box – that brings CRM and marketing automation software into the 21st Century and makes using the product as easy as a search engine.

Salesformics includes an important differentiator in the field of marketing automation too; the workflow and process automation parts of the product are incredibly easy to use and available to all users, regardless of whether they’re in marketing or not. Salesformics integrates with a wide range of popular solutions, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, Buffer, Eventbrite, Campaign Monitor, Dropbox and more.

“By making marketing automation a point-and-click affair and by allowing everyone with a Salesformics licence to use the workflow tools, salespeople and other staff can now create their own campaigns, lead generation solutions and process automations”, says Rogers. “This means that individual salespeople can automate communications to prospects and clients while keeping their tone of voice and style intact. It means that individuals within the company can help to find leads and promote business content on social channels, all within the one company-wide solution. It opens up the ability to automate and improve business processes across the organisation, but without having to burden one person or department with development, maintenance and upkeep.”

Analysts such as Aberdeen Group, Gartner and Forrester Research agree that using sales & marketing automation effectively can help increase revenues. For example, Forrester Research states that companies that use lead nurturing – just one element of marketing automation – generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost than those that don’t. But the tools to achieve these gains have long been out of reach to small businesses for two main reasons; they are too complicated to use and they are too expensive to buy.

Salesformics solves this problem by providing multiple capabilities in one beautifully simple solution:

• CRM – Salesformics provides a complete platform for lead, account and opportunity management along with powerful segmenting, tagging and communication features but in an interface that is as easy to use as a search engine.

• Marketing Automation – Salesformics includes a click-and-drag workflow system that allows you to design lead nurturing schemes, drip campaigns and business process automations, including tasks handled by an ever-expanding list of third-party applications such as event management, social media and communications.

• Sales Process Automation – Salesformics lets everyone create time-saving workflows and automations; not just the marketing team. Salespeople and other staff can automate everything from social media updates to email communications and sales admin tasks.

• Customised Dashboard – Salesformics allows everyone to see how they’re doing, in sales, marketing and beyond, with real-time reporting via a simple, customisable dashboard.

“With Salesformics we've taken the best and most effective pieces of CRM, sales force automation and marketing automation and brought them together in a package that is extremely easy to use and designed to be incredibly cost effective. For the first time, businesses can not only enjoy the benefits of sales and marketing automation, but actually use those tools without training”, Rogers concludes.

Data can be imported from other systems and databases and Salesformics is designed so that your team can be using it in minutes, not after a four-day training course or a certification process. After signing up, users are shown a short video that explains the basics and then the system helps new users get up-to-speed quickly. There are no implementation costs, additional training courses, certification programmes or additional expenditures with Salesformics; everything is included in the monthly charge.

There are also no lengthy contracts. Users pay monthly and can end their subscription at any time, paying only up to the end of the current month.

Salesformics is built on platforms that have achieved ISO 27001 certification and that have been validated as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), and all operations are encrypted using SSL. Salesformics sits on European servers.

Companies interested in a CRM, sales and marketing automation solution that everyone can use and afford should sign up now at

About Salesformics

Salesformics is a division of VL Digital Limited with offices in Portsmouth and London, UK. Salesformics’ mission is to provide an effective, easy-to-use sales & marketing automation solution and make it available for every company, removing the usability and price barriers associated with the marketplace. A sales and marketing automation solution for salespeople, marketers, managers and business owners, our ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) product allows businesses to keep in touch with their prospects and customers, know what clients and contacts are saying about them online and automate repetitive but important sales and marketing tasks.

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