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Gorgeously Full Fat book cover

Hot on the heels of TV shows such as ‘The Men who Made us Thin’ on BBC2, which rubbished the idea that diets work from a scientific perspective, comes a new book by Sarah Clark that proves just how right Jacques Peretti is…from an up close and very personal perspective.

Sarah Clark was told at the age of 16 that she had fat legs, weighed, and encouraged to diet. A whole 26 years later, she now weighs much more than she did in 1987, and has been on a weight gain and loss journey containing more yo yos and see saws than a children’s play area.

Sarah, now a size 22, says that she was fed up with the way diets are pushed on the general population as if they are a cure-all, when they are actually contributing to the problem in the first place, and the idea for Gorgeously Full Fat came about when she was encouraged to expand on some of the posts from her popular blog, and turn them into a book.

“I was sick of all the misinformed weight loss...

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