The Brand New Secret Set To Boost Men’s Health

Kegel8 V For Men Exerciser
Kegel8 V For Men Exerciser

Kegel8 are proud to announce the launch of their new and revolutionary Kegel8 V For Men, an electronic Kegel exerciser designed especially for men and programmed to prevent and treat incontinence, overactive bladder, erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain and more.

Pelvic floor exercise isn’t just for girls – clinical studies have proven 6 months of pelvic floor exercise to be more effective than Viagra at treating erectile dysfunction, with no pills and no side-effects. Kegel8 V For Men targets the right muscles in the right way to help men of all ages get strong, toned and healthy from the inside out.

Kegel8 V For Men has been created in conjunction with leading clinicians and physiotherapists and features clinically-proven programmes to treat a wide variety of male pelvic floor problems. {{Most men don’t know that they have a pelvic floor, let alone that they need to exercise it until they start to have problems with it}}. Exercising with a Kegel8 V for Men is the easy and effective way to banish everything from those night-time toilet visits that leave you exhausted throughout the day to more severe incontinence after prostate surgery.

Kegel8 Managing Director Stephanie Taylor says: “I hadn’t realised just how many men suffer with pelvic floor problems. However it soon became evident when men started to contact us asking us for help, and how they could use a machine, ostensibly designed for a woman. It has taken a couple of years of hard work, working with the latest medical research to finally select the best, clinically proven programmes that we know will benefit many men who are quietly suffering both bladder and erection difficulties because of a weak pelvic floor. We have had many men help us along the way, Mike, Paul and Gary and their help has been invaluable.

Kegel8 is pioneering in the field of male incontinence – and crikey if we thought it was a taboo subject for women, it’s even worse for men. Hopefully now men will realise they do not have to suffer in silence, and that they too can benefits of control and a boost to their love-life too. That’s always a bonus!”

Kegel8 V For Men is priced at £149.99 and is eligible for VAT relief if purchasing to treat a pre-existing medical condition and is available for purchase from For press enquiries, images or any further information, please contact Heather Lindley at Savantini on or 01482 888785.