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Scribetech, London 22 June 2022|With an open API and fast integration, Augnito’s AI-powered speech recognition engine makes Hexarad’s radiology reporting platform faster, easier to use and more accurate.
With widespread NHS staff shortages and increased pressure to provide fast, error-free imaging reporting, the technology that supports radiologists is constantly evolving. Now, Hexarad – one of the UK’s leading radiology platform providers – has adopted Augnito: an innovative, AI-based medical speech recognition solution.
With Augnito’s proven speech recognition in the cloud, Hexarad’s speech-enabled platform empowers radiologists with a faster, more flexible way of reporting.
Developed in partnership with clinicians, Augnito gives radiologists fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99.3% accuracy. This is made possible by a sophisticated, AI-driven engine that intelligently and accurately captures patient data in any accent, including...

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