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Mr. McIntosh was attacked in his home. He sustained potentially fatal stab wounds to his chest, arms and legs.

As Mr. McIntosh had a Securahomes system fitted he pressed the “Panic Button” and was connected to the two-way voice communication monitoring station. The fully trained monitoring operator was able to speak directly with Mr. McIntosh and give him life-saving advice and at the same time, alert both the ambulance service and the police who were at Mr. McIntosh’s house within minutes. (Please note, for security reasons an alias has been used)
Is Your Home Secure While On Holiday? Could your elderly relatives cope in the event of an emergency?

Will you worry about the security of the possessions and property that you left behind, as you travel or laze on some sun drenched beach or patio this summer? Then install a comprehensive
4 in 1 Securahomes On-Guard Security system.
*Intruder Protection * Smoke & Fire Protection *...

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