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English Vineyard Wins Top International 'Golden Acorn' Award

Sedlescombe Cork with Twitter

Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard in East Sussex has been awarded the 2013 Golden Acorn Award - the oldest and most prestigious distinction granted by the cork industry worldwide. Conferred on the owner of Sedlescombe, Mr Roy Cook for his vineyard’s long standing use of cork stoppers in their English wines and his work supporting and promoting the unique eco-system of cork forest plantations.

Sponsored by AECORK, the trade association founded in 1977, which represents the cork manufacturing companies of Catalonia, many of whom have embraced the forestry certifications set up by bodies such as Forest Stewardship Council(FSC to meet sustainability standards within the cork sector internationally.

Just recently 5 companies have certified their carbon footprint with British Standards proving that cork stoppers have a genuine negative carbon footprint, helping fix more CO2 than is emitted in their manufacture.

Golden Acorn awards have been bestowed on a wide range of persons and organizations since their inception in 1990, including Greenpeace, Ferrari F1, Slow Food Movement, The Prince of Ausurias and Girona, environmental journalist Mr José Gallego, Mr Alvaro Palacios, one of the best wine makers in Spain and the Ecologist Organization WWF/ADENA.

“In this XXIII edition, AECORK has decided to grant the 2013 award to Mr Roy Cook for Sedlescombe’s crucial contribution to the organic movement from its very beginning always pursuing the highest biodynamic standards and its founders sensibility towards the cork forest ecosystem.”

A second 2013 award is going to poet and artist Pere Jaume Borrell author of ‘Pagesiques’ which captures the ‘romantic character of the cork oak landscape’. A third award goes to David Seijas for his role as ambassador in the campaign “Cork protects the Good”.

Roy Cook said: “This award is a great honour for Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard and myself, especially when you see the prestigious names of previous winners. I see it as vindication and recognition for our 30 years organic cultivation which led us to continue using corks in support of the unique eco-system of the cork forests and the communities that rely on them when many other vineyards around the world switched to metal caps. We also believe that only cork meets the high quality image our market-leading eco-wines deserve. Our corks also carry our Twitter handle 'OrganicWineryUK', and thus also help with our social marketing”.
The Cork Institute of Catalonia are flying Roy and his wife Irma to Spain to receive the award at a special ceremonial dinner. They will also visit cork forests and production facilities as well as a winery in the area. “ We are looking forward to the trip immensely - a fitting end to a very successful year which has also seen Sedlescombe scoop awards for its biodynamic English wines both internationally and within UK.” said Roy.
For more information:
Roy Cook, Owner and wine maker, Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard, ROBERTSBRIDGE.
tel. 01580 830715. mob 07784 862238. Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard Twitter: @OrganicWineryUK

Ariadna Ross, Head of Communications, AECORK.
Tel. 0034 618.55.85.05