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Everyday we dream of something for ourselves or the world. In the Western world mostly our dreams tend to focus on our own desires not of our nation. If you ask people what they dream of they might say a new job, a new car, a dream holiday or a stable economy and a trustable government would be nice. As the world now knows in Ukraine they have been dreaming of something quite different for a long time, freedom, real freedom. Freedom from extreme corruption, a real democracy and most importantly freedom to achieve their dreams in reality.

Achievement where a bribe is not the only way, where they are valued and can build their country to be what they feel it should be with values they can be proud of.

Award winning director Rowland Jobson's film 'Sleeper' set in Kyiv, Ukraine, explores a young woman's search for freedom and love during this time of great change in Ukraine. The film offers a profound and visually stunning metaphor of that desire for...

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