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A farm full of festive knits

Animals don Christmas Jumpers to help some of Africa’s poorest farmers this Christmas

Clover the cow, Paddy the goat and Sage and Onion the chickens are leading the herd this Christmas! They are modelling their hand knitted Christmas jumpers to let the UK know how they can help make a positive difference to farmers trying to escape poverty in Africa.

They were photographed at the St James City Farm in Gloucester, where they all live, looked after by hard working volunteers Cathy and Ryan.

The animals’ jumpers were hand knitted by knitwear designer Elise Hurcombe. She used over 50 balls of wool to create the jumpers and describes this as one of her most unusual commissions! “I have never made a jumper for a goat before! Fitting the jumpers was quite something, the goat is very cheeky but seemed to enjoy the limelight!”

UK charity Send a Cow is...

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