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Serengeti's Revenue and Benefits Solution for Berwick Upon Tweed CC

Serengeti’s Revenues and Benefits Module (RBM) will provide a dedicated solution to Berwick Upon Tweed Borough Council to enable them to manage all Revenues and Benefits Claims and Applications, and supporting documentation.

e-intranet has been developed by Serengeti Systems on Oracle 10g, to provide a robust and scalable Electronic Document Management Solution to capture and manage all documents and associated data across an organisation. The newly deployed RBM at Berwick Upon Tweed Borough Council will extend the functionality of the Council’s e-intranet Electronic Document Management solution to capture and manage all documents, data, and supporting evidence required to support a claim for Council Tax or Housing Benefit.

In addition, the system will seamlessly integrate with all standard applications such as SX3iworld, Anite, etc.

Main features of the Revenues & Benefits Module are:
· Electronically scanning and storing documents with meta data applied.
· A user friendly interface to provide information about the claim and associated documentation.
· A central departmental ‘Workbasket’ which will allow a Team Leader or Supervisor to assign documents for action to an individual member of staff.
· Individual ‘workbaskets for each Benefits Officer which can be switched ‘off’ if an Officer is on leave or off sick.
· Notification of pending case deadlines.
· Pending and Process dates amended.
· A time stamped note function for a claim or document.
· The ability to monitor outstanding workloads and manage potential backlogs effectively.
· Reduction of paperwork.
· Secure electronic access provided to all associated documentation.
· Sensitive documents and data can be managed in a secure controlled environment.

For more detailed information please refer to the Revenues and Benefits Module link contained upon our ‘home page’.

About Serengeti Systems:
Visit and to receive further information, please contact: Jim Woodcock, Sales Director. Tel: 01473 820323

About Berwick Upon Tweed Borough Council: