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Thousands of people across the UK will be surprised with chocolate eggs and other gifts this Easter as hundreds of groups and individuals ShareTheMiracle of kindness with neighbours, complete strangers and organisations and charities in their communities.

Thousands of Easter eggs and other gifts are expected to be given out to among others homeless and elderly people, victims of human trafficking and children in hospital.

For the fourth year running, people in towns and cities up and down the country will be part of a movement which began in 2013 when Dan Usher decided to buy 100 chocolate eggs from a local supermarket and give them away to people in his community.

The movement has grown year on year. In 2014, the ground-breaking initiative spread and over 7,500 free Easter eggs and other gifts were handed out. Last year 15,000 people across the UK received gifts.

β€œThe aim of ShareTheMiracle is very simple - to show...

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