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Richard Brine - Tate Modern & Shard

Throwing the spotlight on London’s regeneration
Regenerating Capital: Healthy growth, healthy city?
2nd June – 23rd August

Roca London Gallery will host a photographic exhibition during the London Festival of Architecture, exploring some of the Capital’s key regeneration projects and their impact on the city’s inhabitants.
Entitled Regenerating Capital: Healthy growth, healthy city?, the exhibition will explore the impact regeneration has on green spaces, small businesses, local communities and valued buildings while supporting an increasing population, world-leading financial growth and an international profile.

Twelve photographers from different backgrounds have been invited to contribute their interpretations and ideas on the delicate yet near-crucial balancing acts between change and growth; and the inner health of the city of London.

With an area of just 1,572km2, London is the most densely populated region in...

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