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Many creative writing courses quite rightly focus on the mechanics and techniques of the actual process of writing itself.

Tom Evans, the Bookwright, has created an innovative creative writing course from a completely left field perspective. His course focuses on the mechanics of tapping into raw creativity.

Tom, an Internet guru turned author, has been studying how the human mind works and, specifically, where light bulb moments come from. He has distilled what he has learned into a two day workshop and online home study course for budding authors.
The central pillar of his course is the use of Mind Mapping which synchronises both brain hemispheres to take the writer into a mode called Whole Brain Thinking.

It was therefore a natural progression for Tom to adopt the brain-friendly software, Buzan’s iMindMap – developed by Tony Buzan, the brain behind Mind Mapping. Tom has been using Mind Mapping for many years for both...

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