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Where is my nearest post box?!

Post Box Finder

we have built a neat lookup tool to help you find the closest post boxes to your location - free

23/9/2010 - It’s a situation we’ve all been in, not knowing where our nearest post box is. First port of call you would think would be the Royal Mail web site. There you can find your nearest post office, buy stamps online, recycle your mobile phone and now even put your own face on a stamp! But you can’t look up your nearest post box! Come on now people, this is the year 2010.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, some clever people* have managed to get all the locations of UK post boxes and we have built a neat lookup tool to help you find the closest post boxes to your location - free:

So, if you need to send something small, use the free post box finder at and if you need to move something big that just won’t fit - use to get delivery quotes from over 17,500 customer-rated transport companies.



Just like eBay is an online marketplace for buying and selling goods, Shiply is an online marketplace for transporting goods. Since 2008, over 175,000 people have listed items they need to move - free and with no obligation and then received low cost bids from thousands of feedback-rated transport companies.

By matching people up with delivery companies who have spare capacity, Shiply helps to dramatically cut down on wasteful journeys and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, costs to the consumer are up to 75% off.

Shiply was founded in spring 2008 and is operated out of London, UK.

Shiply has at the time of writing over 175,000 registered users; over 17,500 registered transport companies; received over 296,206 quote requests and a new quote request made on the site every 37 seconds; won over 10 prestigious business awards ranging from Nectar Start Up of the Year 2009 (£2,000) to Shell Springboard (£40,000) & The Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge (EUR 100,000).

*API data courtesy Matthew Somerville

Shiply Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with operations also in Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain and Italy.
Company number: 6536861.

For further information, please contact:
phone: +44 (0)207 193 3970