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Rise in confidence sees exhibition trailers enquiries on the rise

Exhibition Trailers

A Hertfordshire based exhibition trailers company is reporting that enquiries for its range of trailers and exhibition equipment is on the rise and that they think that the new found confidence in the UK economy could have something to do with it.
New Barnet based Showmobile services will be no strangers to many in the exhibition business. Established way back in 1990, the company has gone on to establish itself as one of the leaders in the mobile exhibition market, hosting and providing exhibitions and mobile facilities for an ever growing list of prestigious clients.

‘Mobile exhibition trailers and the facilities that they offer are really quite special and can give business a unique opportunity to reach out to people at places and locations where conventional exhibition facilities just wouldn’t work’, explained a Showmobile Services spokesperson. ‘This is why we have been so successful, because we really offer companies a special service that can help them bring in new customers.’

The Showmobile Services is not simply the sale or rental of a trailer but a whole service that enables the customer to have the trailer in effect customised so that it meets their exhibition needs. This could include branding and different layouts. This makes it perfect for promotion and exhibition at outdoor events or on location at venues where mobility is a necessity.

‘There is a great demand for mobile exhibition facilities. Instead of having to get customers to come to your place of business, you can take it to where they are, and that really is a good selling point, especially if you want to reach out to a niche group of customers such as at a specialist event or a festival’, explained the company spokesperson. ‘And now that the economy seems to be picking up, more and more companies are looking to take the opportunity to try out our services and see how things go. We think it is the perfect way to get your business where it really matters and that is right where the people are.’

The Showmobile website provides a wealth of information on many of the events and clients that they have provided services for in the past, along with more detailed information on their services. To learn how Showmobile Services exhibition trailers can help your business please visit their website at where there is much more information..

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