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Too Cool For OldSkool - Banksy piece resurfaces in England after a decade in hiding

With Banksy hot on everyone’s lips in the States, another English piece, which was thought to be lost forever, is to be unveiled for sale this week.

Banksy’s OldSkool had become something of a landmark since it appeared on an east London garage wall in 2006. Featuring four pensioners dressed in hoodies and baseball caps it disappeared in 2008 and was replaced by a black dotted line with the word "collected" painted inside.
Various conspiracy theories circulating on the world; that the mural had been stolen, removed by Banksy himself as a publicity stunt, or accidentally painted over by council workers. None of the above was true as the piece was "peeled" from the wall of Clerkenwell Motorcycles on Clerkenwell Road, restored, and subsequently hidden in a private collection for half a decade.

This Banksy original is the latest high-profile addition to Aynhoe Park's 'A Modern Grand Tour' this weekend, taking its place among an impressive collection of objects for sale including 18th-century plaster casts, 19th-century taxidermy, 20th-century photography and important examples of 21st-century art and design. After being discovered and subsequently managed by The Sincura Group, it has been released to Aynhoe's owner, James Perkins, as a modern master in a sale that reflects his personal passion for the rare, the eccentric and the witty.

While its presence as "the lost Banksy" is bound to create interest among the many collectors invited to the sale, for Perkins its true relevance is as a piece of art that speaks of the age we live in. "The Grand Tour was originally a quest for objects, both classical and modern, that engendered a sense of awe when brought back to the great country houses of Britain", he says, "the Modern Grand Tour is no different in its aim. 'OldSkool' spawned a myriad conspiracy theories when it disappeared five years' ago and fits entirely with the magic and mystery that is synonymous with the spirit of Aynhoe Park".

OldSkool is expected to sell for £750,000

Notes to the editor:

About the exhibition:

A MODERN GRAND TOUR; A COLLECTION OF CURIOSITIES is a private sale by James Perkins, created in response to the internationally acclaimed Christies' 2012 auction at Aynhoe Park

A collection of curiosities, sculpture, furniture, photography , art and large scale taxidermy inspired by a passion for the unusual and extraordinary.
These pieces will be exhibited in a private sale at Aynhoe Park. The pieces will go on sale from the 16th-17th of November 2013.

For more information please contact or visit A modern grand Tour

About OldSkool:

OldSkool is currently under the management of The Sincura Group, London’s leading concierge and lifestyle company. It was previously due to feature as one of the headline pieces in their 2014 show stealing banksy?.

The piece will be revealed to press on Friday November 15th in London before being transported and installed at Aynhoe.

For more information including images please contact / 0844 854 9220 or visit The Sincura Group.