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London: January 31, 2013: Skill Pill M-Learning (SPML), a pioneer in mobile learning, today announces the release of a Mindfulness mobile application in association with Mindfulness at Work (MAW LTD), a company which delivers specialist mindfulness expertise to the workplace.

‘Mindfulness’ is a psychological tool being used to great effect in the treatment of conditions such as anxiety. It can also help us be more effective in the workplace and reach our full daily potential through the use of coping mechanisms when faced with the pressures of a busy and stressful workload.

The app contains:

1. Three SkillPills centred on Mindfulness at Work:
a. What is Mindfulness?
b. Beginner’s Mind
c. Coping with Stress

2. Three audio exercises for daily practice:
a. Thinking Doing Being
b. X-Ray
c. 3-Step Breathing

SPML founder Gerry Griffin states, ‘We are delighted to be...

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