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“Every time the revs climbed, the noise from the Ferrari’s engine would smash the Alpine tranquillity; a screaming red dart flying across the landscape. By now the engine was hot and the brakes were squealing and slightly faded from numerous high-speed stops, one required each time we approached a corner and prepared to fling ourselves off towards the next. The speed and noise were addictive but the roads themselves would take no prisoners. Too much exuberance would be foolish up here.”


Inspired by the exploits of motoring journalists and driven by changes in the world of motoring, "One Careful Owner" follows writer and communications consultant Alex Christou as he leaves his career in the oil industry to travel through the UK and Europe in his dream car. It is a high-octane adventure about supercars and not-so-supercars, about friendship and about the simple pleasure of exploring new places. Part travelogue and part...

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