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Tonight (Thursday 15th April) Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron will share the stage for the first of three Presidential style televised debates. Smarkets is unleashing the wisdom of crowds to predict the outcome.

There will be three televised debates: tonight's debate is broadcast from Manchester on ITV at 20:30. Sky (22nd of April) and BBC One (29th of April) will host the other two debates. Each debate is themed around a specific issue. Tonight's is 'home affairs,' the next is 'international affairs' and the final debate will be on 'the economy.' Alistair Stewart, who will moderate the first debate, said: "I have a great sense of excitement and responsibility. This is a huge occasion for ITV, for the leaders and for British democracy. It is a great honour to be a part of it." [Sky News]

Following the debate there will be a poll of more than 1000 viewers who will give their...

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