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Christmas weather forecast: as much snow as you want

Snow Business has more than 25 years’ experience working with the film and television industry creating the right effects for snow scenes

A white Christmas is guaranteed, with the help of a leading UK special effects firm.

Snow Business can now supply real fresh snow to customers looking to create their own piece of Christmas magic.

Scientists from the Gloucestershire-based firm use a mixture of nitrogen, air and water to produce the safe and natural snow which is then packed in insulated boxes and shipped direct to your doorstep.
Just 24-hours after placing your order you will have all the ingredients you need for your family to have fun whether constructing that perfect snowman or crafting your own sledging run.

"Snow Business has more than 25 years’ experience working with the film and television industry creating the right effects for snow scenes," said Darcey Crownshaw, managing director of Snow Business.
“We have led the way in snow science and now our technicians have developed this service for perfect Christmas present.
“Whatever the weather this year you can guarantee a white Christmas. Once we’ve delivered your snow order the only limit after that is your imagination.”

Customers can have anything from one box to 300 boxes of real fresh snow delivered direct to their door. For larger quantities, Snow Business has the capability to make snow on-site.
Darcey Crownshaw said: “We've worked on some of the biggest films in the business, from Narnia to James Bond. Everyone knows what a magical effect snow can have.

“Our new real snow service means this Christmas can be a white Christmas.”
You can get more information from our website or, buy directly from our online shop

Why not visit our website or, call a snow technician for more details on: 01453 840 077

Notes for editors:

For more information contact Ben Roberts on 01453 840 088, email:
Darcey Crownshaw is available for interview.

Images of the snow-making process as well as people using the product are available on request.

Product information

• One box of snow is GBP 49.99 + delivery
• One box of snow will make approx 100 snowballs
• Three boxes will make a 3 foot snowman
• 300 boxes will cover 150 square meters to a depth of 10cm

The science of creating snow

• The snow production chamber is cooled to a temperature of -40 degrees
• Nitrogen, air and water are sprayed into the chamber at between -8 to -12 degrees centigrade
• Technicians control the process until sufficient snow is made
• The snow chamber is then purged and the fresh snow is collected for delivery

Snow facts
• Snow Business holds the ‘Guinness world record' for the largest area ever covered with artificial falling snow
• The largest snowman ever built in Maine, America. Called Olympia she was 122 feet, one inch high. She took a month to build and was dressed in a 100 foot scarf with 27 foot evergreen trees for arms.
• The largest snowflake was recorded in January 1887 at Montana, America, measuring 15 inches (38 cm) wide.
• The longest toboggan ride in Europe is at the Val Thorens resort in the French Alps and measures 6km (3.7 miles).
• On January 12, 2013, 5,834 people officially took part in in the world's largest snowball fight in Seattle, America.

Snow Business company information

Snow Business has been creating artificial snow for the movie, television and entertainment industries for over 25 years. Our artificial snow has been used on the majority of film productions, winter themed events and visual merchandising displays worldwide. From a single snowflake to a winter wonderland, Snow Business are world leaders in winter effects.

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