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SocialChorus Launches Analyze, The Industry’s Most Advanced Measurement Tool For Data-Driven Workforce Communications

Analyze gives leaders the ability to correlate communications with business outcomes

New data intelligence tool quantifies the impact of employee communications on strategic business initiatives

LONDON — Oct. 31, 2019 — SocialChorus, a global workforce communications platform, today announced Analyze, a new data-driven communications tool engineered for the complex enterprise, designed to provide answers to some of the most challenging and elusive questions about the health of an organisation. With Analyze, companies can measure the effectiveness of employee communications, optimise business initiatives to improve employee alignment, elevate the employee experience and impact the bottom line.

Employees today are more dispersed and siloed than ever, making alignment through improving workforce communications a critical aspect of any digital transformation effort. Yet, most enterprises have been unable to address the complex communication challenges that have emerged due to the changing makeup of the workforce and growth of their businesses. Even if organisations acquire more tools to satisfy their workforce’s needs, measurement of the impact of internal communications across these tools has been lacking.

Without any way to quantitatively measure impact and alignment across the organisation, internal communicators have had to rely on ineffective, qualitative methods such as periodic employee surveys. Analyze overcomes this challenge by giving the entire enterprise, from communications teams to executives, a single, data-driven picture of how internal communications is impacting business initiatives. By allowing organisations to track, measure and optimise key business initiatives, Analyze ensures their communications power a more connected, informed and supported enterprise.

With Analyze, all teams can:
- Access visual data and insights to drive the business: Users can navigate through data, dashboards and reports to browse key engagement metrics across audiences and platforms, providing a data-based view into the impact of their employee communications. Ensure insights are shared and knowledge is democratised.
- Execute, measure and optimise key business initiatives: With Analyze, users can now associate every communication with an initiative and correlate engagement to feedback trends and business performance. Examine if initiatives are effective at improving morale, retention, attendance, sentiment and even the bottom line.
- View dashboards with key insights: Find influencers and promote their impact within the company. With Analyze, users will know which topics resonate with segments of their audience.

“Whether it’s HR running onboarding campaigns or the CIO driving digital transformation initiatives, Analyze gives leaders the ability to correlate communications with business outcomes,” said Nicole Alvino, founder and chief strategy officer of SocialChorus. “Our customers believe that workforce communications drive the bottom line. And now Analyze proves it.

To learn more about how Analyze delivers data-driven communications for the complex enterprises, visit us online here and read our blog post here.

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