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Solid Fuel Association sees future for coal in domestic use.

With the lights about to be switched off at Kellingley, the UK’s last deep coal mine, the Solid Fuel Association has confidently declared a future for coal in the UK.

Pressures to meet both climate change targets of CO2 and EU particulate emissions has placed UK coal fired generators in the firing line, despite the fact that the UK consumed only 0.8% of the worlds coal last year at 37.1m tonnes compared to China who consumed a whopping 1.96billion tonnes (50.6%).

Despite the doom and gloom around the industry however, there remains a strong demand for solid fuel for the domestic consumer. Sales of fires and stoves remain healthy and demand for solid fuel alongside logs continues, with an estimated 700,000 tonnes being supplied each year. And contrary to media speculation, there is no shortage of suitable fuel to satisfy the market.

Jim Lambeth, the General...

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