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Coke Adds Firefly Solar Power for Its Event Recycling Programme

Firefly Solar Cygnus generator at IoW

Firefly Solar, a European leader in the design and manufacturer of off-grid, portable and permanent solar-powered generators, has won a contract from Coca-Cola Enterprises to supply 6 of its Cygnus generators to power the company’s Event Recycling programme at outdoor events in Great Britain and France.

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) piloted its Event Recycling programme during 2010 with the objective to motivate festival goers to make recycling a daily habit. The Programme recovered over 18 tonnes of recyclate (PET and cans) and reached an audience in excess of half a million people attending eight festivals during the summer of 2010.

The equipment being supplied by Firefly Solar consists of two standalone solar power systems comprised of three of the company’s 5kW Cygnus solar generators, configured to provide a three-phase 5kW electrical supply. One system each will be supplied to the British and French teams to provide electrical power for waste compaction equipment and for portable office space at this year’s events.

Patrick McGuirk, Recycling Director for Coca-Cola Enterprises said, “By using Firefly Solar generators to provide a green energy supply to power our Event Recycling Programme we can ensure that we reduce the carbon footprint of our activation this summer. Coca-Cola Enterprises is committed to transforming recycling and reducing the absolute carbon footprint of our business. Firefly’s portable solar generators are an important capital investment to ensure the footprint of our Event Recycling activities are minimised.”

Andy Mead, managing director at Firefly Solar said, “At Firefly we are delighted by the association with Coca-Cola Enterprises and pleased to have won this contract. It’s been estimated that 20,000 tonnes of carbon are created annually through the use of standby diesel generators at UK music events. We applaud Coca-Cola Enterprises for selecting renewable energy supplied by our Cygnus solar power generators in its campaign to clean up festivals and to promote recycling throughout Great Britain and France.”

Cygnus is a compact and high quality, forklift-able solar generator. With a footprint of less than 1 square meter (excluding solar array), Cygnus generator’s built in battery bank can be charged using a range of renewable sources including solar, wind and pedal power - it can even be charged using the excess capacity of biodiesel or hydrogen generators or from a green mains supply.

Cygnus solar generators feature plug and play connections for easy installation and operation by untrained personnel. The generators meet all European standards for safety and multiple systems can be linked together to provide higher single phase current or a 3 phase supply. Cygnus' integrated intelligent control panel is easily navigated allowing the user to instantly ascertain the percentage of stored energy available from the system. The controller also gives the user a wide range of configuration options to optimise the system for its environment anywhere in the world.

Firefly Solar generators have been used successfully at Glastonbury, Love Box and the Isle of Wight music festivals to provide solar powered stages for audiences of up to 5000. Firefly Solar equipment creates absolutely zero emissions in operation; are truly silent running; increase safety and reduce risk by the elimination of flammable liquids and fuels and provide a pure sine wave, 230V current to power sensitive electronic equipment. Firefly Solar generators are fully compatible with wind and solar inputs.

For more details please contact Firefly Solar on 01273 617006 or visit


About Firefly Solar

Firefly Solar is a European leader in the design and manufacturer of off-grid, portable and permanent solar-powered generators. Our green energy products and services meet the needs of environmentally concerned individuals and organisations who are looking to reduce the carbon emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels and diesel powered equipment.

Firefly Solar generators harness energy supplied by the sun using photovoltaic (PV) cells, storing it for when it’s needed. Additionally, multi-charge inputs allow kinetic and wind energy to be stored for convenient use. We are specialists in green energy storage systems – our expertise in batteries, electronics and software has enabled our generators to overcome many of the problems of intermittency which can be associated with renewable energy sources.

Firefly Solar generators can provide an uninterrupted electrical supply even in the absence of light or other charging input. Our award-winning products, which include the Orion, Cygnus and Pictor models, have been widely used by well-known brands such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, the BBC, Sky, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Solar Aid.

Firefly Solar provides temporary stand-alone power for the events, broadcast, and construction industries; permanent stand-alone power for rural locations and telecommunications; and back-up (UPS) power with extended run times for locations with intermittent grid connectivity. Firefly Solar power generating equipment is zero emission, true silent running and eliminates the need for inflammable fuel.

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