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CPP adds Prevx to its leading life assurance product to safeguard the online identities of its customers.

Derby, United Kingdom – 16th December 2009. Internet and PC security specialist Prevx and life assistance provider CPP, today entered into an agreement to offer UK banks and their customers increased protection against identity fraud. CPP will now add the new Prevx 3.0.5 to its latest version of Identity Protection Alert product (IPA), an identity fraud policy that is offered to business partners, including many of the UK’s largest banks and financial organisations. Prevx 3.0.5 is a powerful anti-malware solution that includes the new SafeOnline technology for protecting all online transactions from threats such as phishing, DNS poisoning, screen grabbing, man-in-the-browser and keystroke logging. IPA policyholders can download Prevx 3.0.5 and, in a few seconds, start banking, shopping and transacting online with confidence. The user-friendly solution, which...

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