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Croft Pink and Red Roses on Valentine's Day

Pink Garden

This St Valentine’s Day pour out those loving feelings in deliciously different and exciting way - with a Croft Pink cocktail or two.

For those romantics who care to dare, this unique rosé Port is full of exciting possibilities when charged with chillies, kissed with Benedictine and Calvados, teased with Champagne or spritzed with soda and fresh fruit.

Croft Pink is a refreshingly original and informal take on traditional Port, wonderfully vibrant, full of rich fruit promise, but so much lighter on the palate, especially when served chilled, over ice or as a cocktail.

When love is in the air, you’ve every good reason to mix it up and see what happens. Explore a Pink Garden, a real adventure alive with red pepper and fresh thyme. Or, stir your senses, raise your expectations and escape to Spiced Portugal. Indulge in a Deluxe Pleasure and drizzle over raspberry sorbet or let the Cognac and Champagne in a fruity Quinta Sangria take you to another place. Why not start at for more recipes?

Love conquers all, especially on 14 February, with a little help from Croft Pink, now available at Sainsbury’s, the Co-Op and Morrison, at just £10.49 a bottle.


Further information or to review a sample, please contact: or 01787 310005