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Press release issued April 2010

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UK Entry Wins World Championship
- Gerard Basset – The World’s Best Sommelier

We have pleasure in announcing that Gerard Basset MS, MW, one of the country’s best known Sommeliers and owner of Hotel TerraVina in Hampshire, has won the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) World’s Best Sommelier Competition, held in Chile from the 12th-15th April 2010.

Gerard Basset is now officially the best Sommelier in the world!

The competition attracted candidates from each of the ASI’s 51 member countries, and consisted of a quarter final, semi final and the final, in front of an audience with rigorous written and practical exams, including blind tastings and service role plays to test the candidates’ knowledge of wine, spirits, and other beverages and food and wine pairing, as well as their service skills to determine the winner of the competition....

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