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Dog owners judged to share the same traits as Britain’s Got Talent pedigree pack

New research has revealed Britain’s dog owners share the same characteristics as the top dogs of TV talent.

In celebration of National Pet Month, which supports responsible pet ownership, premium pet brand Fish4Dogs has found that dog owners can be broadly split into four canine categories, sharing the same traits as the Britain’s Got Talent pedigree panel.

Quizzing 2,400 pet owners from across the UK over a 12 month period, premium pet brand Fish4Dogs has analysed the attitudes and behaviours of Britain’s dog owners and has sniffed out that dog owners really can be best in show by boasting the same pet personas as Alesha, Amanda, David and Simon.

Insights from Fish4Dogs research grouped Britain’s 10 million dog owners, together with the celebrities own traits and ‘paw-sonality’, and led to the creation of four pet personas; Alesha Dauschaunds, Amanda Halden Hounds, Simon Collies and David Weimaraner:

The Alesha Dauschaund’s:

The busy mum that likes to keep their furry friend by their side. This popular owner type, houses 78% of those surveyed on their holiday preferences preferring to stay in the UK than go abroad because it means that their beloved pooch can stay with them, while 90% of the questioned are more likely to exercise if it’s something that their dogs can do with them.

The Amanda Halden Hound’s:

Home to the besotted and beloved, these caring pet owners go the extra mile. This typology is the 79% of people that sign animal’s names in cards, the 27% of people that will spend around 30 minutes in the kitchen baking a special tasty treat for their pooch and the 54% of owners that cited their dogs as having the healthier diet.

The Simon Collie’s:

Hard workers and image concious, the Simon Collie’s are influenced by dogs in their daily routine. If you’re this type of owner then you’re the 30% of those questioned that benefit from having a pet in the work place to help them sniff out a good business deal or among the 34% of people that have forked out more money on their pets’ teeth than their own.

The David Weimaraner’s:

Fun living and fancy free, you like adventure and will most likely be found going through your paces and taking part in activities with your dog such as CaniX, Flyball, Running, Swimming, Lure Racing, Mushing, Cycling, Hacking, Frisbee and Dancing with Dogs. After all that additional exercise you will be among the 41% of people said that they’ve seen a new lease of life in their dog since increasing their activity level – and be looking to your next challenge!

Graham Smith, Chief Executive of Fish4Dogs commented:

“At Fish4Dogs we know that the UK houses some of the most devoted pet owners and our research has been great to review as it cements what we already knew, our hearts really are owned by the animals in our lives. At Fish4Dogs HQ we can’t quite decide which persona we are though, we think we might be all four!

“With National Pet Month celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary this year and with its theme being ‘Celebrating Our Pets’ we thought this was the perfect time to release our findings and we hope that they have many more years of successful of campaigning.”

If you want to take part in an event for charity to support National Pet Month you can head here to find out more:


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Notes to Editors:
This survey was conducted across a 12 month period and in four parts. Each survey questioned 800 dog owners at different times of the year, and quizzed them on the key areas of pet ownership.