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SQUEASE give ‘big hug’ with launch of deep pressure jacket to combat Autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, Dementia and Down’s syndrome.

SQUEASE pressure vest and hooded top

pleasant to wear with the ability to apply deep pressure whenever I want. It definitely has an effect; 5 minutes after inflating I start to calm down.

Autism is on the increase – and one of the most frequently encountered symptom among those affected by autism and related conditions is a need to alleviate anxiety through deep body pressure.

In plain terms, many specialists describe this as “the need for a big hug”, which is calming, stress reducing and in the classroom or workplace can increase concentration and focus.
In the past, the way to alleviate this symptom has been through the use of bulky uncomfortable and inconvenient weighted jackets, tight fitting elastic clothing, heavy blankets or even heavy rollers.

Now SQUEASE have come and invented a special garment that solves the problem faced by many people with autism comfortably, discreetly and conveniently.

The SQUEASE jacket is a light weight inflatable pressure garment that can be worn under a fashionable fleece or hooded style top.
It can be inflated and adjusted using an attached hand device to deliver the right amount of “hug-like pressure” which combats feelings of anxiety and allows self-management of some problematic behaviour.

This technique for treating autism was highlighted in the television series Grey’s Anatomy, when actress Mary McDonnell, playing a surgeon with Asperger syndrome, received hugs from other characters to relieve her anxiety.
The patent-pending inflatable technology can also be applied to the treatment of conditions such as ADHD, cerebral palsy, dementia and Down’s syndrome.

SQUEASE have produced an animation video that helps explain what it is like to suffer with sensory overload and how the deep pressure jacket helps.

The product has already been attracting attention and is being acclaimed as a breakthrough in helping people living with autism to cope with stressful situations not only by users but also professionals working in the field.

The SQUEASE Jacket has won prizes and awards as well as being selected to be shown at a London design exhibition which was part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour.

The product is targeted at health professionals such as occupational therapists working in the care sector and teachers from special needs schools as well as parents of children that get ‘sensory overload’. Interest is expected to be strong when the Company launch to the public at the Autism Show at London’s ExCel on15th/16th June.

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For more information and pictures please contact:
Mike Rowley
Tel: 020 8596 5461
Mobile: 07958 300 487

Editors’ notes:

The National Autistic Society in the UK now puts the incidence of autism in children at one in every one hundred. About half a million people across Britain are affected by the condition, and specialists say they expect to see a continuing increase in the numbers of people affected.
In some parts of the world the rate is even higher; the USA is currently reporting an incidence level of one and eighty eight of children under five.

The Company is based at CEME (Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence) on the east side of London. Some of the product components are manufactured in Europe but other manufacture and the final assembly and packing is carried out in the UK. A worldwide distribution deal has been agreed with a Company in Worcester and export sales to a number of European countries have already started.
The Company employs just a handful of people currently but expects to double the staff in the next 12 months.

The main marketing activity has been centred on building awareness amongst the community of Consultants, Occupational Therapists and Special Needs Schools that work with children who are diagnosed with Autism. The launch of the Squease Jacket to consumers will start in earnest at the London Autism Show at the Excel Exhibition Centre on 15th/16th June 2012.

The Company will have inflatable vests and hooded tops available on the stand for people to try on. They will be able to rent the vests for a small charge and deposit which is refunded if the Squease is found to be effective and is purchased. The cost is around £200 plus VAT and available online at

For journalists interested in reporting on a case study, the Company are offering up to two weeks free rental. Please email for more information.

pleasant to wear with the ability to apply deep pressure whenever I want. It definitely has an effect; 5 minutes after inflating I start to calm down.